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.hogarth | arts

Stephen Hogarth (Baayama)

Stephen is an Aboriginal contemporary artist, a descendant from the Kamilaroi nation and family going up throughout Southern Queensland

Growing up in different places, Stephen learnt his artform from the Elders from where he lived at the time. His art means a lot to him and his culture. He has won many awards and has a great eye and reputation for finely detailed art.

Stephen was given the Aboriginal name Baayama by an Elder meaning "Warrior Creator".

Direct royalties from the sale of every product goes to Stephen and his family.



Knowledge of the Dreaming

Yijan is an Aboriginal word meaning “Knowledge of the Dreaming”. The brand represents authentic, original artworks from renowned painters from the remote regions of Australia.

The originality and authenticity of each product is highlighted by a profile of the artist and the story behind the artwork. Each artist receives direct royalties from the sale of every product.

aussie Babe

Stylish products for babies with lovely Australian designs.

aussie kids

Kids products created with style, functionality and affordability. All designed in Australia.


Australian Designers Collection

A collection of artworks created and drawn by well-known Australian artists exclusively for us.

Svetlana Soldatova

Svetlana is a multi-disciplined artist, designer and illustrator currently working in Sydney. 

Born in the Ukraine capital Kyiv, she holds concurrent degrees from the Sydney Institute of Technology and Design College and the Kyiv State Art College.

She has over 21 years of artistic experience and has participated in several art exhibitions and solo shows throughout Europe and Australia.              

 Her artistic prowess and integrity is expressed fluidly within her designs in our featured products and collections, with distinctive qualities ubiquitous to contemporary art combined with her own intrepid style and creative flair. 

Her choice of imagery and pattern styles captures the uniquely Australian elements of native flora, fauna and landscapes and transcends into an exciting marriage of colour, unbridled emotion and rich cultural symbolism.